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Gaia, redesigned. Actually since 2008.


Introducing BetterGaia,

the only browser extension that changes the way you experience Gaia Online.

With thousands using BetterGaia daily to socialize and interact with Gaia better and faster than ever before and engineered to be modern, fast and fluid from the ground up, there's no reason to miss out.

Rejoin your personality. Express yourself.

Set a header. Set a background. Set a logo. Style Gaia the way you like it. Choose from all the Chance Items and Event headers back since 2009, or to random backgrounds, rustic logos, page themes and more. Hundreds of combinations are waiting for you to make.

Talk even more. Faster and equipped.

Style posts with your own post formats. Don't copy and paste codes anymore. Type better with frustration-free, simplified toolbars. And now with Instant Quoting and Instant Editing, changing and replying to posts can be done all on the same page.

Draw All. More chances.

Collect Daily Chance all in one place. No more excessive page browsing or hassle, just more treasure collecting.

Draw All

10,000 Gold

Gold is the currency of the Gaia world. You can use it to buy new fashions for your avatar, buy decorations for your home, or trade it with friends.


Announcement Reader. No more clutter.

Stop reading announcments one by one.
Built with speed on mind, one touch and Announcement Reader opens all of your announcments just for you.

Announcement Reader

Labtech Week is here!

It's that time of year again, to celebrate the unsung heroes of Gaia, those masked men and women in teal, the infamous LabTechs! You know, the ones who made all your favorite zombie stomping, brain munching, grunny gathering events possible! So strap on your labcoat and grab your grunny-handling gloves because we've got scientifically accurate synthetic refreshments and plenty of mysteries to unravel!

Lab Tech Week features...

  • Quote Games including trivia and a fun "containment breach" dice game.
  • Contests for both artists and character creators
  • Science! So much science!
  • Flash Space Meet-Ups!
  • A User-Run Plot ("X-Marks the Spot!")
  • Friendly mad scientist folks
  • Gaia Nostalgia for the 2005 event (which will be celebrating it's tenth anniversary this year!)
  • One trillion gold worth of items to give out including some of the new fabulous Rabuteku Ekkusu Scarf (created by one of the event coordinators, Pie!)

Notices. Even on your PC.

Stay ahead of the crowd. View your unread notifications even when you're not on Gaia, right on your desktop.

Hey, I've got...

2 Announcements

1 Staff Alert

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And that's not all.


Tweak to your heart's content.

Back to the Top

No more frantic scrolling back up a page.

External Link Warnings

Now with warnings on the same page.

Floating Notifications

See your notifications anywhere on a page.

Instant Edit & Instant Quote

Edit and reply to posts in the same page.

Redesigned Formatting Toolbar

Be unconfused when typing things out.

Redesigned Forums

Forums redesigned with your suggestions in mind.

Redesigned Private Messages

Read messages quicker and use instant search.


Have your own links on every page.

Themes and Colors

Style Gaia the way you like it. Limitless combinations.

Thread Previewing

Preview a thread without acually going to it.

User Tagging

Keep tabs on users with notes on their posts.


Get info on your Friends, PMs and more on any page.

And more.

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